Getting started

Getting started provides a cursory view of data acquisition and walks you through a procedure to set up a simple system. You may not find it necessary to progress beyond this. However, should you want to dig deeper into the complexity of the data logger functions or quickly look for details, extensive information is available throughout this manual.

This exercise guides you through the following steps:

  • Connecting the data logger to a computer
  • Attaching a sensor to the data logger
  • Creating a program for the data logger to measure the sensor
  • Making a simple measurement
  • Storing measurement data on the data logger
  • Collecting data from the data logger with a computer
  • Viewing real-time and historical data with a computer

In addition to your data logger, the following items are used in this exercise (many are shipped with your data logger and all are available on ):

Additional Campbell Scientific publications are available online at . Video tutorials are available at . Generally, if a particular feature of the data logger requires a peripheral hardware device, more information is available in the help or manual written for that device.