Step 2: Programming the CR6

This section will guide you through programming a CR6 data logger to measure the voltage of the data logger power supply, the internal temperature of the data logger, and a thermocouple. With minor changes, these steps can apply to other measurements. Watch a video or use the following instructions.

  1. Using data logger support softwareLoggerNet, RTDAQ, PC400, and PC200W - these Campbell Scientific software applications include at least the following functions: data logger communications, downloading programs, clock setting, and retrieval of measurement data., launch Short CutA CRBasic programming wizard suitable for many data logger applications. Knowledge of CRBasic is not required to use Short Cut..
  2. Click Create New Program.
  3. Select the CR6 Series data logger and click Next.
  1. Lists of Available Sensors and Devices and Selected Measurements Available for Output display. Battery voltage BattV and internal temperature PTemp_C are selected by default. During operation, battery and temperature should be recorded at least daily to assist in monitoring system status.
  2. Expand the Sensors/Temperature folder and double-click Type T Thermocouple.
  3. Accept the default options:
    • 1 Type T TC sensor
    • Temp_C in Deg C as the Temperature
    • PTemp_C as the Reference Temperature Measurement.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Wiring Diagram on the left side of the window to see how to wire the sensor to the data logger. With the power disconnected from the data logger, insert the wires as directed in the diagram. Ensure you clamp the terminal on the conductor, not the wire insulation. Use the included flat-blade screwdriver to open/close the terminals.
  1. Click Sensors on the left side of the window to return to the sensor selection window, then click Next at the bottom of the window.
  2. Type 1 in the How often should the data logger measure its sensor(s) box.
  3. Click the Table2 tab and click Delete Table.
  4. In the Table Name box, type OneMin to change the name of Table1.
  5. Change the Data Output Storage Interval to 1 minute and click Next.
  6. Select the BattV measurement from the Selected Measurements Available for Output list, then click the Average button to add it to the Selected Measurements for Output list. Repeat this procedure for PTemp_C and Temp_C.

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  1. Click Finish to compile the program. Replace the untitled.CR6 default name with MyTemperature.CR6 and click Save.
  2. When asked if you would like to send the program, click No.