Testing communications with EZSetup

  1. Advance to, or select, the Communication Test step in EZ Setup. See USB or RS-232 communications for more information.

    (Click image to expand/collapse display)

  2. Ensure the data logger is physically connected to the computer, select Yes to test communications, then click Next to initiate the test. To troubleshoot an unsuccessful test, see Tips and troubleshooting.

  3. With a successful connection, the Connection Time with the data logger is displayed in the lower-left corner of the wizard. Click Next.

  4.  The Datalogger Clock window displays the time for both the data logger and the computer (server).
    • The Adjusted Server Date/Time displays the current reading of the clock for the computer running your data logger support software. If the Datalogger Date/Time and Adjusted Server Date/Time do not match, click Set Datalogger Clock to set the data logger clock to the computer clock.

    • Optionally, specify a positive or negative Time Zone Offset to apply when setting the data logger clock. This offset allows you to set the clock for a data logger that is in a different time zone than the computer (or to accommodate for changes in daylight saving time).

  5. Click Next.

  6. The data logger ships with a default GettingStarted program. If the data logger does not have a program, you can choose to send one by clicking Select and Send Program. Click Next.

  7. ClosedLoggerNet Campbell Scientific's data logger support software for programming, communications, and data retrieval between data loggers and a computer. only - Use the following instructions or watch the Scheduled/Automatic Data Collection video :
    • The Datalogger Table Output Files window displays the data tables available to be collected from the data logger and the output file name. By default, all data tables set up in the data logger program will be included for collection. Make note of the Output File Name and location. Click Next.

    • Check Scheduled Collection Enabled to have LoggerNet automatically collect data from the data logger on the Collection Interval entered. When the Base Date and Time are in the past, scheduled collection will begin immediately after finishing the EZSetup wizard. Do not set up a scheduled collection during this tutorial. Click Next.

  8. Click Finish, or you may click Next to test communications, set the data logger clock, and send a program to the data logger.