PakBus communications

ClosedPakBus® A proprietary communication protocol developed by Campbell Scientific to facilitate communications between Campbell Scientific devices. Similar in concept to IP (Internet Protocol), PakBus is a packet-switched network protocol with routing capabilities. A registered trademark of Campbell Scientific, Inc. is a Campbell Scientific communications protocol. By using signed data packets, PakBus increases the number of communication and networking options available to the data logger. The data logger allows PakBus communications on all available communications ports. For additional information, see The Many Possibilities of PakBus Networking blog article.

Advantages of PakBus include:

In a PakBus network, each data logger is assigned a unique address. The default PakBus address in most devices is 1. To communicate with the data logger, the Closeddata logger support softwareLoggerNet, RTDAQ, PC400, and PC200W - these Campbell Scientific software applications include at least the following functions: data logger communications, downloading programs, clock setting, and retrieval of measurement data. must know the data logger PakBus address. The PakBus address is changed using ClosedDevice Configuration UtilitySoftware tool used to set up data loggers and peripherals, and to configure PakBus settings before those devices are deployed in the field and/or added to networks., data logger Settings Editor, or PakBus Graph software.