Virtual Ethernet over USB (RNDIS)

CR300 series dataloggers with OS version 6 or greater support ClosedRNDIS Remote Network Driver Interface Specification - a Microsoft protocol that provides a virtual Ethernet link via USB. (virtual Ethernet over USB). This allows the data logger to communicate via TCP/IP over USB. Watch a video at or use the following instructions.

  1. Supply power to the data logger. If connecting via USB for the first time, you must first install USB drivers by using Device Configuration Utility (select your data logger, then on the main page, click Install USB Driver). Alternately, you can install the USB drivers using EZ Setup. A USB connection supplies 5 V power (as well as a communications link), which is adequate for setup, but a 12 V battery will be needed for field deployment.

  2. NOTE:

    Ensure the data logger is connected directly to the computer USB port (not to a USB hub). We recommended always using the same USB port on your computer.

  1. Physically connect your data logger to your computer using a USB cable, then in ClosedDevice Configuration Utility Software tool used to set up data loggers and peripherals, and to configure PakBus settings before those devices are deployed in the field and/or added to networks. select your data logger.

  2. Select the communications port used to communicate with the data logger from the COM Port list.

  3. Press Connect, click the Settings Editor tab >Advanced sub-tab > USB Configuration list > Virtual Ethernet (RNDIS).

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Retrieve your IP Address. On the bottom, left side of the screen, select IP as the Connection Type, then click the browse button next to the Server Address box. Note the IP Address (default is If you have multiple data loggers in your network, more than one data logger may be returned. Ensure you select the correct data logger by verifying the data logger serial number or station name (if assigned).

  6. A virtual IP address can be used to connect to the data logger using Device Configuration Utility or other computer software, or to view the data logger internal web page in a browser. To view the web page, open a browser and enter or the IP address you retrieved in the previous step (for example, into the address bar.

To secure your data logger from others who have access to your network, we recommend that you set security. For more information, see Data logger security.


Ethernet over USB (RNDIS) is considered a direct communications connection. Therefore, it is a trusted connection and Administrator privileges are automatically granted for all functionality (csipasswd does not apply).