Setting up Ethernet communications between the data logger and computer

Once you have configured the Ethernet settings or obtained the IP information for your data logger, you can set up communications between your computer and the data logger over Ethernet. Watch a video at or use the following instructions.

This procedure only needs to be followed once per data logger. However, these settings can be revised using the data logger support software Edit Datalogger Setup option .

  1. Using Closeddata logger support software LoggerNet, RTDAQ, and PC400 - these Campbell Scientific software applications include at least the following functions: data logger communications, downloading programs, clock setting, and retrieval of measurement data., open EZSetup.
  2. Click Next.

  3. Select the CR300 Series from the list, enter a name for your station (for example, a site or project name), Next.

  4. Select the IP Port connection type and click Next.

  5. Type the data logger IP address followed by a colon, then the port number of the data logger in the Internet IP Address box (these were set up through the Ethernet communications option) step. They can be accessed in ClosedDevice Configuration Utility Software tool used to set up data loggers and peripherals, and to configure PakBus settings before those devices are deployed in the field and/or added to networks. on the Ethernet subtab. Leading 0s must be omitted. For example:

    • IPv4 addresses are entered as

    • IPv6 addresses must be enclosed in square brackets. They are entered as [2001:db8::1234:5678]:6785

  6. The ClosedPakBus ® A proprietary communications protocol developed by Campbell Scientific to facilitate communications between Campbell Scientific devices. Similar in concept to IP (Internet Protocol), PakBus is a packet-switched network protocol with routing capabilities. A registered trademark of Campbell Scientific, Inc. address must match the hardware settings for your data logger. The default PakBus address is 1.

    • Set an Extra Response Time if you want the data logger support software to wait a certain amount of time before returning a communications failure error.

    • LoggerNet and PC400 users can set a Max Time On-Line to limit the amount of time the data logger remains connected. When the data logger is contacted, communications with it is terminated when this time limit is exceeded. A value of 0 in this field indicates that there is no time limit for maintaining a connection to the data logger. Next.

  7. By default, the data logger does not use a security code or a PakBus encryption key. Therefore the Security Code can be set to 0 and the PakBus Encryption Key can be left blank. If either setting has been changed, enter the new code or key. See Data logger security. Next.

  8. Review the Communication Setup Summary. If you need to make changes, click Previous to return to a previous window and change the settings.

Setup is now complete, and the EZSetup Wizard allows you Finish or select Next. The Next steps take you through testing communications, setting the data logger clock, and sending a program to the data logger. See Testing communications with EZSetup for more information.