System specifications

Processor: Renesas RX63N (32-bit with hardware FPU, running at 100 MHz)

Memory (see Data memory for more information):

  • Total onboard: 128 MB of flash + 4 MB battery-backed SRAM
    • Data storage: 4 MB SRAM + 72 MB flash (extended data storage automatically used for auto-allocated Data Tables not being written to a card)
    • CPU drive: 30 MB flash
    • OS load: 8 MB flash
    • Settings: 1 MB flash
    • Reserved (not accessible): 10 MB flash
  • Data storage expansion: Removable microSD flash memory, up to 16 GB

Program Execution Period: 1 ms to 1 day

Real-Time Clock:

  • Battery backed while external power is disconnected
  • Resolution: 1 ms
  • Accuracy: ±3 min. per year, optional GPS correction to ±10 µs

Wiring Panel Temperature: Measured using a 10K3A1A BetaTHERM thermistor, located between the two rows of analog input terminals.