Data logger calibration

Campbell Scientific recommends factory recalibration every three years. During calibration, all the input terminals, peripheral and communications ports, operating system, and memory areas are checked; and the internal battery is replaced. The data logger is checked to ensure that all hardware operates within published specifications before it is returned. To request recalibration for a product, see

It is recommended that you maintain a level of calibration appropriate to the data logger application. Consider the following factors when setting a calibration schedule:

  • The importance of the measurements
  • How long the data logger will be used
  • The operating environment
  • How the data logger will be handled

See also About background calibration.

You can download and print calibration certificates for many products you have purchased by logging in to the Campbell Scientific website and going to:


Note, you will need your product's serial number to access its certificate.

Watch an instructional video.