Step 3: Sending a Program

For this step, you are going to connect your data logger to a computer, then send the program you created in the last step.

  1. In Step 1 you plugged your data logger into your computer using a USB or RS-232 cable.

Now you can send your program from your computer to your data logger. Watch a video or use the following instructions.

  1. Using your data logger support softwareLoggerNet, RTDAQ, PC400, and PC200W - these Campbell Scientific software applications include at least the following functions: data logger communications, downloading programs, clock setting, and retrieval of measurement data., click Send New or Send Program (located in the Current Program section on the right side of the window).
  2. Navigate to C:\Campbellsci\SCWin, select MyTemperature.CR1X, and click Open.
  3. Confirm that you would like to proceed and erase all data tables saved on the data logger. The program will send, compile, then display results.